Plan, dispatch and fulfil your single and multi-hub shipments using Courier Connex’s robust cloud-based solution.

Whether you move your shipments through single or multiple hubs, same-day or long-haul delivery, Courier Connex is the management solution for you. Our cloud-based courier management software will help you maximize the utilization of your fleet, design efficient plans and cut down your overall distribution and transportation costs. The live dashboard provides you with clear up-to-date information about each of your hubs, allowing you to optimize your routes and cut down on distribution costs.

With Courier Connex, you can manage large fleets, various vehicle types, and several hubs effectively and efficiently. Our planning solution behaves intelligently by accounting for the multitude of factors that affect your fleet operations, including package sizes (weight and dimentions), vehicle capacities, service types, delivery timeframes, and more. 

The system allows you to create categories to segment clients according to specific criteria (location, product type, etc.), automatically assigning orders of these categories to specific drivers. You can also set your desired security requirements (signature, barcode, digital POD) for different client categories. 

Manually planning your courier operations, using spreadsheets, documents, and maps, is extremely time-consuming and inefficient in today’s market. Relying on Courier Connex to automate these functions will save your money and better allocate your company’s resources towards high-level strategic growth.

So how does it work?

Courier Connex offers several methods of adding orders to the system:

  • API integration
  • Bulk CSV upload 
  • Manually add single orders


Once your orders are in the system, Courier Connex’s auto-dispatch feature will assign them to your drivers based on your pre-set criteria for drivers, service types, vehicle capacities, client categories, etc. You always have the option to manually dispatch to a specific driver or reallocate orders across drivers as needed. 


To guarantee effective and streamlined information channels, you can customize all your communications with your drivers and end-customers, including messages, status updates, and notifications.