Courier Connex


Order Dispatching


Monitor and Edit orders.Receive new order notifications. Dispatch. Track all drivers locations. Prioritize orders pick up and delivery and send to the driver.


Mobile Dispatch

Admin Mobile user can dispatch orders to drivers from their handheld devices.

Driver Notification

Drivers are instantly notified whenever a new order is assigned to them on the  Mobile App

Shipment Control

Driver App

Courier Connex Driver Mobile is a complete app that receives dispatched orders showing full order details and delivery notes

Driver Tracking

Track and monitor all your drivers on live maps from your dashboard and zoom in on selected drivers

Bar-code reader

Print your bar-code on standard Thermal Labels and scan orders using the mobile app for pickup and delivery.


 Courier Connex Mobile auto navigation will determine which direction you are going on the map based on the order status being pending or picked.


Seamlessly send P.o.D name and signature to client

Warehouse app

Warehouse app scans drop-off items seamlessly updating the dispatcher and client dashboard. Drivers will re-pick the items using the Mobile app.

Order Entry

Client Order Entry

Clients can enter their orders online seamlessly updating the dispatcher screen as well as email notification

Express Entry

Manually enter a batch of orders in one step in an easy way or import and create from a file.

Dispatcher Order Entry

Dispatcher order entry made easy

Contracted orders

Schedule contracted daily, weekly monthly or annual orders details for Courier Connex to auto-create orders on set dates.

Instant Pricing

Clients can see their estimates shipment pricing while adding their orders. Non-regular customer can see the cost of their shipment before they place their orders

Split Orders

Courier Connex enables dispatchers to assign pickup and delivery of the same order to two drivers. The app will reflect the order status of both drivers devices.

Accounting & Invoicing

Multiple Pricing Options

Courier Connex offers multiple methods of pricing by zones or by simple distance calculation while offering sub distance pricing

Custom Pricing

Override standard pricing with special pricing for long-term or contract clients

Credit Monitoring

Credit problems will be flagged on the console to alert dispatched before assigning order

Custom Waybill

Easily defined service types and descriptions for your bar-coded waybill. 

Online Invoices

Generated invoices are instantly sent to a dedicated person with a system notification and an email

Prepaid orders

For non-registered clients, collect prepayment from the customer before placing an order. Payments may be collected via credit card or PayPal

Driver Payment Reports

Keep track of driver payments by generating payment reports for all or single driver and update system with paid orders.

Search & Download

View, print or download search results into a spreadsheet or word processing program, or as source data for analysis or any other purpose.

Aged Reports

Generate aged reports for all or one client and current, 30, 60 and 90 days  due payments

Precise Delivery

Accurate addresses with Courier Connex Mobile navigation


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Courier Connex actually helped me grow my business by 80%. It has spared me the hassle of manually planning the day-to-day delivery scheduling and dispatching, freeing me up to focus on the big picture and grow.

Their customer service is unmatched. There's nothing like being able to reach a real life person in a matter of seconds any time of that day. Personally, I find that invaluable.

There is much less room for error when you depend on Courier Connex to streamline your courier business. We're getting a lot less complaints and lot more high fives from our customers. Everything is automated and smooth sailing from here!


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