Courier Connex allows you to manage your entire fleet across multiple depots, enabling optimal and efficient resource allocation.

If your fleet works through multiple “hubs” or “depots”, it makes it especially challenging to optimise the utilisation of your fleet capacity. This would mean ensuring that your operations are balanced, and that no single fleet is significantly overloaded or under-utilised.


The Courier Connex solutions allows you to manage your drivers and vehicles against a clear birds-eye view and up-to-date information of each depot’s traffic and load. This allows you to manage your fleet effectively across your depots. The Courier Connex solution allows for multi-depot operations that account for a range of operational factors, from vehicle capacities to client categories and required delivery timeframes. 


Courier Connex’s multi-depot operations features allows you to maximise your fleet resources and minimise wastage as you optimise the utilisation of all your depots.


Courier Connex is informed by the operational data you add to the system, including orders, drivers, vehicles, client categories, and depots. The system then provides you with the most efficient sequence of order pick-ups and deliveries across your multiple depots. 

With the Courier Connex Hub Login, real-time information is made accessible to your operations personnel and drivers on their respective platforms.