Courier Connex’s live dashboard provides up-to-date comprehensive insights on your fleet activity.

The Courier Connex live dashboard enables you to clearly monitor your dispatch teams and fleet with actionable real-time updates. Your dashboard acts as a centralized, seamless and easy-to-use platform to oversee daily activity. 

The dashboard is search-bar enabled, allowing you to filter and view orders by status: newly added, assigned to driver, picked up, currently in hub, out for delivery, on hold, canceled, and in return process. The live dashboard also has a built-in map overlay that displays real-time information on your drivers, across vehicle types, categories, regions etc. 


Intuitively designed, the Courier Connex dashboard is coloured to your preference, with clear icons and the right amount of details displayed for each task. As such, the dashboard makes it easy to monitor and track your high-traffic fleet, with clear visibility on active orders as they move through the shipment process.

Courier Connex is equipped with an intelligent auto-dispatch function, but at the same time, our live dashboard is designed to be actionable, meaning that you can navigate directly to perform actions for each order on the monitor screen. Your operations team can easily edit, manually dispatch, reallocate, or re-route an order as demanded by real-time circumstances. These changes are automatically reflected live on your dashboard as well as your driver’s app.