Manage returns and failed deliveries with ease and security

Deliveries can fail for a variety of unforeseeable reasons, including the customer not being present, rejecting the delivery, or the item being incorrect or damaged. 

Whether these circumstances result in order returns, cancellations, or subsequent delivery attempts, Courier Connex has got you covered. The system enables your drivers to handle these situations smoothly, ensuring that operations continue seamlessly and that business proceeds as usual.

Courier Connex is equipped with features to manage order returns, cancellations and delivery attempts, enabling you to maintain consistent audit trails and chains of custody. You can control the process from start to finish, enabling your drivers to log a “failed delivery”, notifying the customer, or determining the location to which they will return the item. A complete audit trail is created as soon as the driver returns the failed delivery to its intended secondary location (either a hub or another address). 

Courier Connex fosters a cohesive workflow with a complete audit trail and fool-proof order tracking, regardless of the hurdles faced by your drivers in the field.