Organized and cohesive management of all the drivers in your fleet.

With Courier Connex, your internal operations team has a centralized view of all important driver information. They can easily create driver profiles and activate access to the Courier Connex Driver App. Users can also add custom notes, comments, and set up the driver to be auto-assigned certain types of orders.

Add and configure driver profiles with detailed information fields.

Actionable map view and routing of each driver’s delivery tasks.

Driver management also means having crystal-clear visibility of each and every action performed within your delivery fleet. 

The system automatically reflects actions from the Driver App, providing you with a full log and audit trail of all actions, including timestamps and geo-stamps at the start and finish of each day. 

You can also easily search and filter past orders per driver and have an accurate view of each driver’s performance with accurate data of orders fulfilled, failed, late or on time, etc.