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Shipping ground to air cargo or to remote rural areas requires specific package handling and consolidation in order to easily load onto the aircraft.  With Courier Connex, you will not worry about consolidating and grouping the orders once the package is scanned in the hub.

Placing an order immediately routes the order through your pre-defined vehicle and hub routes. When the first hub scans the package, the system consolidates packages into to the destination group. Once the skid or crate is full, the warehouse closes the group which triggers a new group for newly incoming order while keeping warehouse stops and transport vehicles aware of incoming shipments details and ETA.

Auto routing & dispatching
  • Auto vehicle route creation.
  • Auto warehouse stops creation.
  • Auto dispatch order to nearest pickup driver.
  • Auto order consolidation by destination
  • Auto order assign to available route vehicle.
Web booking
  • Your customer may easily book their pick-ups and delivery using their portal or an API.
  • Auto email to sender and receiver.
  • Auto generated waybill and shipping labels.
  • Online tracking.
  • Instant notification to pickup and delivery branch or agent.
Reporting and analysis
  • Freight Report by destination.
  • Print Manifest.
  • HAZMAT declaration report.
  • Brokerage details report
  • Client order details.
  • Credit notes details
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