User knowledge base

Log in

Use the credentials that will be sent to your email to log in, which includes:

  • The HTTPS link to your system
  • Your user ID
  • Your password

If you require multiple languages, you will be able to select one of the languages supported, which in turn will display the system in the language of your choice.

Creating Additional Users

The credentials you received in your email is for the system admin user. You can create as many accounts as you wish for your employees giving them different credentials based on what they are entitled to do.

To add a new user:

  • Start by expanding the setup menu and select users.
  • Click the Add User Tab
  • Select the user type
  • Add the user details.
  • Click Submit.

An email will be sent to the user with their log in information.

From the users tab, you can edit or delete the user by clicking on the relevant link to the right of the screen.

Creating Categories

Categories are a set of item that may be used to classify your client records either by Category or a location.. This classifications enables you to set the system to auto dispatch orders of a specific category client to a specific driver or .

To create categories:

Go from Setup to Options and Setting and select the category tab

  • Click on add category
  • Give a name to the category and select the category type

These categories may define any user type or location as shown in the image.

You will to need to set the category in the client record in order for the system to auto dispatch the order when created.

Adding Drivers

Driver Details

  • Start by expanding the setup menu and select drivers.
  • Click the Add Driver tab
  • Pick a unique Driver No. This number will be used by the driver to log in to the app when prompted, not the name field
  • Fill in all the red border fields, all other fields are optional

Driver percentage setup.

Courier Connex will calculate each driver pay based on a percentage that you preset.

Adding the percentage lets you add a different percentage per service type and type of job done.

The system will auto-calculate driver payment upon order driver assignment allow you to generate a payment report for the duration of any period you decide.

These calculation may be overridden at the job order lever for each driver.

Courier Connex Driver Pay

Auto Dispatch

If you want the system to auto dispatch orders from a specific group of clients, you will need to first create new categories before completing this section.

Once the categories are created, they will show on each driver information record. If a record is already opened, please close and put in edit mode in order to display the new categories.

Pick the categories that you wish to dispatch to the driver from.

You can also auto dispatch using the pickup zip code/postal code by filling the codes separated by commas.

Postal Code Canada : m2m-m3m will dispatch all orders pickup up from any of the codes

Zip Code USA : 11207-11208

Courier Connex Auto Dispatch

Adding Orders

To add a single order user simply click on the add order button on the left menu.

This will open a screen which allows you to add either a single order or select from an Excel file.

Adding Single Order

You have to first select a client before proceeding to click the Single order button. You can add the client account number if you know it or use one of the drop-down lists that would allow locating client by Account number or name. These two fields and searchable and will narrow down the list to your typing.


  • The Pickup at section will always default the selected company name and address.
  • The user can change the address if the pickup is from a different location.
  • When changing address, make sure you select the address from the drop list in order to ensure accurate distance calculation.
  • User can select another location from address book by typing in the Name field. This will retrieve the matching name and addresses.
  • To save a new address in the address book just hit the space bar once before typing the name; this will trigger the system to save this address for future use.
  • User can view all address by clicking on the yellow @ sign next to the Pickup or Delivery sections
  • The green button allows you to flip the pickup and delivery addresses whenever required.

Mandatory Fields

 All red framed fields are mandatory fields which are required in order to complete the order.

  • Pickup time is required before, after or at the specific time listed in the field below.
  • User must select the type of service required in order to estimate the cost.

Date Fields

Pickup and delivery dates are always defaulted to Today. Use may change the dates and times by clicking in the field to open calendar.

In time fields users may type the time manually.


In order to send a tracking number to the shipper and receiver, you must fill their emails in the Sender Mail and Receiver Mail fields

This section includes the specifics of the order which might be reflected on your price calculation if you charge extra weight or size.

User can fill in a total weight/volume.

If you prefer to register the details of each item, use the Pieces No. field which is always defaulted to 1. Change the default value to the actual number of pieces in the order, once you tab off the field the system will generate a number a weight and volume fields that matches the number of items in the order.

Courier Connex package dimensions

Estimate Cost

Clicking the Estimate Cost button will display the total cost of delivery.

Printing Waybill and Barcode

Once user clicks save, the system will prompt an inquiry if user wish to print the waybill and/or barcode or to add a new order from the same spot.

 Clicking on Waybill button will:

  • Open a screen showing the user the waybill sample.
  • At the top of the screen, user has the option to select number of waybills to print per page
  • Click the print tab to initiate the printing process
  • Click the shipping label tab to print the barcode
  • If the user has added number of pieces in the Advanced Options section, the system will print a label for each item
  • Clicking monitor orders will close the screen and switch view to the Monitor Orders screen.

Dispatching from Order Screen
While adding an order, you may dispatch the order to a specific driver by selecting the driver from the driver drop-down list.
You can dispatch the order to two drivers, one for pickup and other for delivery. By default, the Driver 2 is the driver assigned to complete the delivery.

When in order edit mode, you can assign a driver in the driver section. To assign 2 drivers, just click on the + sign to the right of the driver section to add the second driver.

Monitor Orders

  • This screen enables users to monitor the status of their shipment.
  • The buttons across the top of the screen filters your dashboard display to the relevant status with counts.
  • Click the down arrow to the right of each button to see more filter options.
  • For Completed orders, the drop down arrow lists previous completed orders
  • The icons at the far right of each order allows you to edit, print waybill, print barcode, show delivery direction or cancel the order
  • User can cancel any order provided the order is still in the pending state
  • The completed orders section will list the P.O.D signature in the grid
  • Users can also view the P.O.D signature using the print button in the completed orders sections.

Dispatching drivers from the dashboard screen

  • The dispatcher can dispatch orders to drivers from the Monitor Orders, Pending section.
  • Dispatcher may drag the driver name from right side driver list and drop it on the order they wish to assign.
  • To dispatch multiple orders to same driver,
    • First select orders that you wish to assign.
    • In the driver list, click the green arrow with buttons next to the driver name.
    • You will be prompted to approve assigning