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  Your customer's online connection to you

Welcome to the Courier-Connex web-connection demonstration.
                  "Connecting you and your customers."

This demonstration, as with the product, has two sides.

The Client Side that your customers will use to enter pick-up orders, monitor, trace and download waybills, communicate with dispatch and receive and pay your invoices online, and...

The Admin Side, that you will use for Dispatch, Client administration, waybill search & data download, and customer invoicing and account administration.

Be their best choice   -   Be their first choice

Throughout this demonsatation, you will be using the same functions that your Customers, Dispatch and Admin staff will have for everyday use.

You will see how your customers will find using this service to do business with you, to be very clear, complete and easy to use.  While on the Admin Side, you will see how Dispatch will monitor and manage active orders, and your Admin staff will maintain client and account information.

You should now have received your demo account and login ID's.
If not, please contact us and we will send it right away.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please send us a
message and we will be pleased to help out.

Thank you,    ...your Courier-Connex services team.

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