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Courier software that specializes in courier order processing on the web. Making dispatch management and waybill processing easy online so that your courier delivery service can get the most at an affordable price

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Affordable Courier Software, & Order Processing Service for Small & Mid-Size Couriers, Messengers & Delivery Services

Your customer's online connection to you!
Courier-Connex web services are designed to give you, the smaller courier and your customers the benefits of conducting business online, much the same as the large delivery services, at a fraction of the cost.

Our service is comprised of the Client side and the Courier(Admin) side.

The client-side lets your customers enter pick-up orders, trace waybills, communicate with dispatch, search & download prior waybills and to receive and pay your invoices online.

The heart of the Courier side is the Dispatch Console, where you receive orders and messages from your customers, assign orders to drivers and monitor their progress.  Waybill searching, driver activity reporting, customer invoice preparation, delivery and even payment may all be done online.

Full attention is always given to creating a courier web-solution that is easy to use while providing all of the services needed by the smaller courier service.

Please see below for a view of our products and how they work for you and your customers.
The Online Courier Software Product! The Online Courier Software Product!
 See how our service works. . .                 for your customers. . .

   Order entry

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With the account number you provide, your customers can log in, click "order", and complete their own waybill.

   Personal address

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Each of your customers will have their own address book to store and select address details for recurring deliveries.

   Print the waybill

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Your Customers will Submit the order and print the Waybill.

   Track Orders

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Customers can monitor the progress of their orders, without the need to call for a status check or P.o.D.

   Message to Dispatch

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When a customer has a question or additional instructions, a quick message will immediately inform Dispatch, again, without the need for a phone call.

Messages may be automatically forwarded to drivers cell-phone or PDA.

   Waybill search

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Customers can search through prior waybills for a single waybill, waybills in a specified period and by a reference code (that they supply on their orders).
This can be done as soon as delivery is completed. No need to wait for your invoice.

   Download waybill

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Customers may then take the waybill search results and download them to be imported into their own billing or costing systems, or expense analysis.

   Print waybill records

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Customers also have the option to print these same waybill search results.

   Client info

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Customers can update their company and contact information, set preferences and create their own user Login ID's.

Without the need to call you.

 See how our service works. . .                 for you. . .

   The Dispatch Console

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The Console is where Dispatch will receive new orders and messages from customers.

Just click to Open an order, assign a driver, cancel or complete an order, or reply to a customer message.

The Console displays orders in priority, with those requiring immediate attention on top, or a sequence of your choice.

Any order status change or message reply will be immediately available for the customer to see on their console.

One click will open an order in a pop-up-window to assign a driver, set the status to "in progress" and get it "On the Road".

To access the full details of an order, just click the Detailed View button.
(Once a customer submits an order, they can view & print the waybill, but have no opportunity to alter it.  Only Dispatch may make changes to an existing order.)

Each dispatcher can tailor the console to view and manage his/her orders most efficiently.

When a driver is assigned, his/her regular commission rates are applied to the order.  Dispatch may override these, if need be.

   Client info

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Use the Client Admin menu to add or update customer information, assign accounts and setup Login ID's for your customers to use this service.

Your customers can maintain their own company and contact information, setup Login ID's and set their own preferences.
Some may ask that you do it for them.

When customers sign-up online, they will be issued a temporary account so they may put in orders right away. Dispatch will receive a message and an email (if desired). The Client Admin menu will inform you if there are any new customers awaiting a permament account number assigned.

In addition to the company contact information and preferences, that the customers can maintain themselves, you set many financial options such as credit limit, billing frequency, invoice formatting and any special pricing terms.

   Waybill search

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You can search and locate waybill transactions by specifying a variety of criteria.

The results are presented in much the same format as the dispatch console, with one significant difference. You may simply view the list, open an order for the detailed view, or Download the list as a file and save it on your computer. You may then open it with a spreadsheet or word processing program.

   Client Billing &

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Full-functioned billing and accounts receivable management.

Just select the billing period to Prepare, Print and Deliver invoices from waybill transactions.

Customers may elect to receive and pay your invoices online.

Accounts receivable will provide open invoice and cash receipt management.

Sales, open invoice and cash receipt reports will keep your accounts organized and you informed.  With web access, your accountant or bookkeeper can review your records with no need to visit your office.

   Secure access

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Define Login ID's for those in your office who will use this service, and select the functions they are permitted to access.

   Your drivers

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Identify each of your drivers. These will be in the list for Dispatch to assign orders, also for commission or payroll purposes.

   Order pricing

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When you define your shipping zones, types of vehicles, pickup and delivery fees, extra services and time-of-day premiums and discounts, the Price Calculator can accurately price the orders as your customers place them.

   Options and settings

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Before your customers start using this service, you will make choices for how you wish this service to work for you and your customers.

You can have this service send email messages when certain events occur, such as when an order arrives or a new customer signs up.  These messagrs can be sent to your cell-phone or PDA.

Here you will define the Types of Service that you offer your customers.  These will be the service level choices your customers select when they enter an order and print the waybill.

Your customers may chose more, but you set the minimum number of waybills for them to print.

Chose the contents of the different display consoles for dispatch and for your customers, set your color scheme, list additional services you may offer, and much more.

Setup the financial processing by defining your fuel surcharges, the taxes your are obliged to collect and set your standards for invoice formatting and content.

There are many more options that allow you to choose how your website will serve your clients and your business.