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Courier software that specializes in courier order processing on the web. Making dispatch management and waybill processing easy online so that your courier delivery service can get the most at an affordable price

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Affordable Courier Software, & Order Processing Service for Small & Mid-Size Couriers, Messengers & Delivery Services

Your customer's online connection to you!
It's no secret that more and more, the web is the first place customers look for business services. The Courier business is no different. To be found, you need to be there.

In addition to the value of a web-presence, Courier-Connex services will allow your customers to do business with you, online, at your website.

Courier-Connex will put your business "On The Web".

Our services for you and your customers go well beyond waybill processing with features to search and extract data, automate your billing and accounts receivable (for your web and phone-in customers) and even to let customers receive and pay your invoice online.

All of this from your own web-site.

Best of all, there is no software to buy or setup, no-one to train, no down-time. All you need is your PC with internet access.
The Online Courier Software Product! The Online Courier Software Product!
 For you . . .

   Build your website


We will search and register the domain name of your choice.

Build your website with your company logo.

Even if you already have a website, Courier-Connex services can be added to provide you and your customers the ability to do business online.

   Host your website

Setup your site and build your database on our web-server.

With your own website, you can enhance your business presence with email @yourbusiness.com.   Up to 5 email accounts are included with the standard service.

   Custom waybill

You define service types and descriptions for your waybill.

Customers will now be printing their own waybills.  (Save on waybill form costs).  You define the minimum number of copies.

   Dispatch console







The Dispatch Console is your window on active deliveries.

When a customer sends a new order you can receive a message that a new order has just arrived.  If there is no-one at dispatch, you can have that message sent to your cell-phone, pager or PDA(Blackberry,etc).

On the console, the new order just received will be at the top of the list.   All of the information needed to get the order on-the-road is shown on the console.  To assign it to a Driver, or open the order, just click.

If an order is still in "New" status, the customer may Request it be Cancelled.  A message will be sent to dispatch, and this order will then "float" to the top of the list for immediate attention.

Customers may also send a brief message to Dispatch.  In a case such as where the customer has put in an order for immediate pick-up, then discovers that it's not yet ready, a quick message to dispatch to hold pickup is a fool-proof method to communicate this. You may choose to have client messages also sent to the drivers cell-phone or PDA.

When a new or an existing phone-in customer submits the online sign-up form, Dispatch will be alerted with a message.  You may also receive an automatic email to the mailbox(es) of your chioce. (Including your cell-phone or PDA).

You can define custom dispatch consoles by simply selecting the columns that you want to appear on the console.  (To see complete order details, just click the waybill number to open it up.)   You have this same control to select the information that displays on the customer tracking console.

Each dispatcher can tailor his/her dispatch console "on-the-fly" by selecting different formats, that you have defined.  The orders can be selected by customer category or locations, sorted by priority, driver, type of service, etc. to give each dispatcher the flexibility to control how to view and manage his/her order console.

   Credit monitoring
If you receive a pick-up order from a customer with a credit problem indicated (overdue invoices, etc), this order will be "credit flagged" on the console, to alert dispatch before assigning a driver.

   Driver notification

When dispatch assigns an order to a Driver, a message can be sent to the driver's cell-phone or PDA with the order details.  In most cases, this is all the driver needs to get on-the-road.
When a new order arrives, Auto-dispatch can automatically assign and notify the appropriate driver, with no dispatcher intervention.


Customers can choose to have email notifications automatically sent when Dispatch sets an order status to Complete.

   Manual waybills and
    phone-in orders
For customers who prefer to phone-in their orders, you simply enter these. This will keep all waybills in your database to allow you to use online dispatching and invoicing.

   Express Entry
If you have multiple orders from phone-in customers or a driver's manifest, Express Entry will allow you to enter a batch of orders in one step.

   Waybill activity
    search & download
In much the same way as a customer would track an order, you can search and list waybills with an extensive choice of selection criteria, in a report format that you define.   You can view, print or download this list to view it in a spreadsheet or word processing program, or as source data for analysis or any other purpose.

   Driver activity
A Driver format waybill report will provide a list for each driver of all deliveries for the period with commissions for each waybill calculated and totalled.

   Customer activity

The same searching and reporting process is available for sales reporting, customer activity analysis or any other purpose.

   Online invoicing

With the waybill data on file, it becomes a simple process to select the billing period,  prepare and print invoices.  Additionally, customers who have "opt'ed in", can receive and even pay your invoice online.

You can use this to completely automate the billing and accounts receivable management of your business.


The Price Calculator can determine the pickup and delivery point's shipping zones and select the appropriate fees.  The weight, size and number of pieces shipped will indicate the required vehicle and the additional charges accorded.  Even a time-of-day premium or discount is considered to provide the customer with an immediate price quote.  Eliminate the need for you to review and price each order.

Wait time and additional charges are applied by dispatch when the order is completed.


We are here to ensure you get the most from Courier-Connex services.   Client support is available without additional charge to all with a current subscription in good standing.

   New features

Improvements to our services are continually being developed.  As these become available, all users with a current subscription in good standing will receive any enhancements to their service plan at no additional cost.

   Financial systems

Courier-Connex new Premium Service goes beyond the Customer and Dispatch focused Standard Service to provide the back-office financial processing that will allow you to fully automate your billing, accounts receivable and sales reporting.