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Courier software that specializes in courier order processing on the web. Making dispatch management and waybill processing easy online so that your courier delivery service can get the most at an affordable price

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Affordable Courier Software, & Order Processing Service for Small & Mid-Size Couriers, Messengers & Delivery Services

Your customer's online connection to you!
Courier-Connex services will introduce your customers to a higher level of service from you. Customers simply log into your website, place and track their own orders. They can search prior waybills and review or download waybill details into their billing system, for expense management or to bill these back to their clients. All done at their convenience.
The Online Courier Software Product! The Online Courier Software Product!
 For your customers . . .

   Online sign-up



New and existing customers can go to your website where they will find the new customer information form.

When they complete and submit this form, dispatch will be notified that a new customer has signed up.

The customer will be supplied a temporary account number, that may be used to immediately enter a pickup order.

The dispatch console will hi-lite orders from new customers using temporary accounts so any action may be taken before sending a driver.

   Secure access

To activate an account, all you need to do is assign the customer their permanent account number with Login ID and password.
This will then be required for the customer to Login before sending or monitoring any more orders.

   Enter their own orders

No need to phone in orders.
Order-taking errors are eliminated, since customers enter their own orders.   (Any errors will be their responsibility, resulting in a double- run with a double-bill, rather than a no-charge for a dissatisfied customer).

New Orders arrive at the top of the dispatch console to be sent out right away.

   Print their own waybills

Save waybill form costs. When a customer has entered an order, the waybill is displayed to be printed with just one click.

   Track their orders

Customers can track their active orders on their own monitor console.
They will see their current orders and be able to monitor their progress.  No need for a phone-call.
More savings and more satisfaction.

   Set their own options


Customers can indicate how many copies of the waybill to print (you set the minimum for all customers).

Three email adresses can be given and each may indicate if delivery confirmations (P.o.D'S) are to be sent to this address.

Customers will also chose if they prefer to receive invoices online.

   Personal Address book

Customers who often send packages to the same location can add them to their address book to simply select from the list when entering subsequent orders.

   Send a message to

Calls to dispatch can be reduced even more with the "Message to Dispatch" function that will send a message to the dispatch console.  In a case such as where the customer has put in an order for immediate pick-up, then discovers that it's not yet ready. A quick message to dispatch to hold pickup is a fool-proof method to communicate this.

   Search & download


Many customers will need detailed waybill data for expense management or for project costs they may invoice back to their clients.

The Search function will let them find their waybills and review and download the details that may then be imported into their financial systems.

They will appreciate the ability to retreive this at their convenience; to avoid the delay and data-entry task of taking this information from your invoice.



Each Customer's Information Form will indicate email addresses where Delivery Confirmations(P.o.D's.), for all of their orders, are to be sent.

The sender can also add another email address to any waybill (ie:package owner) to be notified when this delivery is completed.

Notification emails are automatically sent when Dispatch sets the order status to "Complete".

   Receive your invoice


Customers can opt to receive your invoice online.  With all of their waybills on file, invoicing becomes a simple matter.

When an invoice is generated, the person they have indicated to receive invoices will receive an email notification and will see a subtle reminder when he/she logs in next.  A click on the reminder will display the invoice to be printed.

(See For You page for invoicing details)

   Pay your invoice online

You may also offer your customers the choice to pay your
invoice online.